Current Progress

Extra Life
$31,333 / $100,000
Childs Play
$7,034 / $10,000
$38,367 / $110,000

Donating to Fragforce via Extra-Life (US and Canada only)

  • Go to
  • Go to the Roster
  • Pick a person to get credit for your donation using whichever method you feel like using
    • Roll a die!
    • Throw darts at a wall!
    • Find someone who hasn't met their goal and help them reach it!
  • Alternatively, instead of donating to someone else, you can Join the team and raise money yourself!

Donating to Fragforce via Child's Play (International)

  • Go to the FY18 Campaign and click "Donate Now" button, you can register on Tiltify or donate anonymously.
  • Pay via PayPal.
  • Pat yourself on the back for helping make kid's lives better!
  • Alternatively go to our Tiltify Team page and click "Join Us", you'll need to register on the site and confirm the login.
  • Then donate to the FY18 Campaign.