FragforceSF 24 Hour Autumn Marathon

Part one of our 2019 Fall/Winter Fundraising season, join us on Twitch for a 24 Hour Livestream for UCSF Benioff!


It's that time of year again. The excitement's growing. The hype trains? no brakes. That's right. It's 🎮FRAGFORCE Season🎮, baby! Join us LIVE at for 24 STRAIGHT HOURS of games, 10/24 to 10/25, and watch us lose our minds play all the games to raise all the moneys💰 for all the kids👪!

That's right, the SF Fragforce Crew is going another 24 straight, overnight, noon to noon, locked in an office with each other and a seemingly endless supply of La Croix and Doritos, raising money for the children of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital! We've a full slate of games to try to keep ourselves sane, scary games, party games, rhythm games, VR games, all sorts of shenanigans to check out and be a part of!

Just tune in from your desk/phone/whatever to - and join in the chat with us, live! Play along and influence the stream, keep us company late in the evening, yell at us, anything to get them sweet sweet donations tossed to the fine people of Extra-Life, even if it's all out of pity of our poor life choices!

Even Better - We have some awesome anonymous donators offering to MATCH donations coming in during the event! Thats right, as of right now, every dollar of the first $1337 received in donations will be matched FOUR. FREAKING. TIMES. That means, for every dollar donated by you viewers, five dollars will be going to Extra Life! THIS IS AMAAAAAZING!

Tell ya friends. Tell ya Coworkers. This is going to be a disaster of the best kind!

NOTE - LIVESTREAM VIA TWITCH ONLY - This event is a private on-site event for Salesforce Employees only. Outside the company and want in? We have a public event coming up in December! Stay tuned!