Fragforce Herndon/Reston - Support Callie - Friday

The next event in Reston will expand our charities to include Team Phenomenal Hope. This non-profit is dedicated to improving the lives and funding research to find a cure for Pulmonary Hypertension. Pulmonary Hypertension is a progressive disease of the heart and lungs for which there is no cure. The niece of one of our own, Callie, is affected by this disease. Callie was also born with an artervenous malformation called Vein of Galen which she needs a very long and risky procedure to try to close in December , but her doctors are unsure because of the risks associated with going under anesthesia with her Pulmonary Hypertension. Before then we would like to have Callie, who enjoys playing Minecraft with Jami's two sons, join us for the Saturday portion of the event. We're planning a large, kid-centric set of activities on Saturday. Activities include age-appropriate console games (pre-teen to teen), family board games, virtual reality (VR), Minecraft, and other kids activities. Loaner workstations will be provided on site for computer games.
Volunteer Force (SFDC Internal Only)


Want To Participate?

  1. RSVP for the event
    1. Friday (Day 1)
    2. Saturday (Day 2)
  2. [Salesforce Employees Only] Join at least one of the VTO shifts - See Volunteer Force URL above
  3. Raise $100 for Team Phenomenal Hope for this event
    1. Salesforce Employees can donate at least $50 and have Salesforce match!

Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone that's raised at least $100 for Team Phenomenal Hope
    • This includes Salesforce employees & non-Salesforce employees

How Can I Donate?

How Can I Help?

  • Everyone
    • Go here and sign up for shifts!
  • Salesforce Employees
    • Don't forget to use the Volunteer Force link above!

Event Information

What If I Need Help Or More Information?

  • Anytime
    • Contact your Salesforce sponsor
    • Discord: Hop in the #herndon channel. Invite link.
  • Before The Event
  • During The Event
    • Event Organizer
    • Backup Organizer
      • Office Slack/Gtalk: Mike Parker
      • SMS/Phone: 571 342 8256
    • Salesforce Front Desk
      • Friday only
      • Phone: 703 463 3300


  • Use the parking garage to the right when facing the building
  • Parking in the garage is free all the time

When You Get In

  • There is a cart/dolly in reception on the 8th floor that can be used to help bring gear inside
  • Ask the person at reception if you need further help
  • Everyone, including Salesforce employees, must sign in at the front desk if attending.
  • Pull up this page for the latest information

Need Help?

  • See the front desk! We'll have lots of friendly nerds to help out!



  • URL: rtmp://stream.fragforce:1935/live
  • Key: Anything you want. We recommend starting with your name or machine's hostname.
  • Hop in #stream on the Discord server and say what your stream key is and what you're playing.

Free Cat Fudz

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided on Friday and Saturday. Drinks and snacks are also available.
  • Have special dietary needs? Please let us know ASAP via [email protected].

Computer Gamers

  • There will be a fair sized lan party going on. Feel free to bring your own computer or use one of ours.
  • We should have a number of gaming desktops/laptops available if you can't bring a computer of your own. 

Board Gamers

  • Feel free to bring your own although we'll have a small set of them on site. 

Console Gamers

  • We’ll have a Switch and a few games plus TVs. You may want to bring your own console, gear, and games. 

Tabletop Gamers

  • We’ll have tables. The rest is up to you!