Fragforce Vancouver 2019

Annual Fragforce ExtraLife Event
Volunteer Force (SFDC Internal Only)


We'll be gaming (video games, board games, role-playing) for a solid 24 hours to raise money for our local BC Children's Hospital. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in the 24 hours (that's without matching).


Interested in participating? You can help in two easy ways!


1) Participate and raise money

Join and participate in the event on November 1st! This can be for a few hours or for the entire 24 hours. Don’t forget to log your VTO hours. It counts! Note, we would appreciate participants (and any guests) to raise at least $10 for each hour they participate. Please fill out the registration form which includes all the necessary information to signup in Volunteerforce and to join our Extra-Life team (Fragforce). Let us know if you have any issues signing up.


2) Donate to the cause - and possibly even win prizes

There will be many ways to donate. Donate to a participants page (we'll be posting often), or through the many events we’ll be hosting, including raffles, day of contests, a bake sale, 50/50 events etc. So keep an eye out for more upcoming posts on these!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this considered VTO?
    • Yes, this is a great way to get your hours up. However, this is a VTO because of the money we raise for BC Children's hospital. We ask that everyone that participates and claims VTO hours raises at least $10/hr (before matching).
  • Can I bring friends or my children?
    • Yes, absolutely! All are welcome to participate. Bear in mind, Salesforce employees will need to host each guest at all times.
    • We recommend that guests contribute $10/hour for the duration of their stay.
  • What games will we be playing?
    • Lots of games. There will be PCs, console games, Nintendo switches, and lots of lots of board games. Anything goes!
  • When will we start?
    • We're starting at 9am in the morning on Friday November 1st. The earlier we start, the earlier we get to head home the following day.
  • How do I get started?
  • Will there be prizes and competitions?
    • Yes. Lots of prizes and contests. More info to come.
  • Can we participate remotely
    • We are working to set this up but we encourage people to attend in person, or, if you cannot commit to 24 hours, just commit to what you can and create a new shift in Volunteer force for the hours you plan to participate. We also encourage people who claim any VTO to hit the minimum $10/hr (think of the children!).
  • Are the donations matchable by Salesforce? Are they tax deductible?
    • Yes and yes. You'll also get a tax receipt from BC Children's Hospital Foundation.