FragforceSF Game Day 2018 - Day 2

(OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) FragforceSF is kicking off our fall event to help UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital! Having cracked $110k on our road to $150k team-wide goal this year, we need YOUR help to get over the top!
Volunteer Force (SFDC Internal Only)


TL;DR: Saturday at the Salesforce Tower from 10AM to 10PM, we're having a little charity marathon, and YOU'RE INVITED! Click that pre-registration link!

FragforceSF is kicking off our fall event to help UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital! Having cracked $110k on our road to $150k team-wide goal this year, we need YOUR help to get over the top. What does this mean for the hospital? It's two ICU beds for newborns, three chemo treatments, or over 90 ambulance rides! Real benefits to real kids who need real help, and you can be part of it!

the MAIN EVENT IS HERE And You're Invited!

Come join your fellow Fragforce HQ team members on Friday, November 2nd and Saturday, November 3rd, from 10am to 10pm, for the marathon of all things gaming, and help us reach our global goal of $150,000! We'll have video games, board games, VR and more and we'll be live-streaming the whole thing online to raise money for Extra Life and the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. Come for 24 hours, or come for 24 minutes, but come be a part of it!

If you're even a LITTLE curious, this is for YOU!

Not a gamer? Come volunteer to help run the event!

Board gamer? Stop by and play the latest and greatest!

Video gamer? Bring your rig or use one of ours!

Streamer? Join our communal stream, get some views!

No matter WHAT your jam is... Pre-Register at the link below!

I don't play games, can i just donate and watch the shenanigans?

  1. Awesome! First: You can donate here to the team as a whole, or you can contact your favorite extra-lifer and donate direct to them with their link.
  2. If you'd like to donate onsite and visit, feel free to at any point throughout the event! We'll have VR stations, consoles, boardgames, lots of stuff set up to swing in, drop a donation, and have some fun in your lunch hour!
  3. Can't make it at all? Why not jump on the stream? We'll have the footage of the event live on our twitch stream, and we'll be doing all sorts of random things on there throughout the day!

I want to be part of the event, game and raise money!

Sign up with Extra-Life and become a member HERE

Register below to show you'll be at the event, and await further information!

Tell all your friends, your family, anyone that'll listen that you're doing this

Event participant FAQ

How can I learn more? I mean, did you sign up? Smash that link below! We'll be sending out emails with more information, or watch this space for info!

Do I need to sign up with Extra Life? Nah, but it helps you raise more money, they give you prebuilt stuff for social media, it can definitely help. That said, you can just register for the event, and show up and have fun. Remember, it's really all for the kids at the end of the day. If you can, register, ask friends, family, enemies, anyone to contribute!

How much do I need to raise to get to go? We have a recommended minimum donation total of $25 per person for this event, either donated on-site or raised during the event -- but the more the merrier of course!

What's supplied vs what do I need to bring? We will have loaner laptops set up and consoles set up for those of you who aren't planning to bring your own rigs. For those of you bringing your rigs, we'll have a wifi network set up specifically for you, desk space, basic keyboard/mouse combos, and a fairly good supply of power outlets and power strips. You'll wanna bring your gaming machine of choice, and any monitors or special equipment with you, including things like HDMI cables, controllers, etc. to ensure that your setup is ready to rock. 

I've got board games, can I bring em? Definitely! We recommend you label your games so they don't get lost in the shuffle if others bring the same game. (You wouldn't believe how many people own Munchkin) Also it's recommended you probably not bring legacy games, or at least hold on to the legacy / destructable elements of them to ensure someone doesn't screw up your 80 hour Gloomhaven campaign by accident.