Herndon Oct 2018 - Day 2

Who's ready for another round of Fragforce in Herndon? You are! Please join us for some non-stop gaming action in October at the Salesforce Herndon office. Once again we are partnering up with Children's Miracle Network to help sick and injured kids in our communities. Come out and have a great time while making the world a better place!
Volunteer Force (SFDC Internal Only)


Want to participate?

  1. Join the team - http://team.fragforce.org
  2. RSVP for the event - See Pre-Registration URL below
  3. Join at least one of the VTO shifts - See Volunteer Force URL below
  4. Raise $100 for the team for this event (or donate and have Salesforce match!)

Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone that's raised at least $100 for Extra-Life
  • This includes Salesforce employees & non-Salesforce employees

How Can I Help or Donate?

Event Information


  • Use the parking garage
  • Only park in unmarked spaces
  • Contact your Salesforce.com sponsor for the gate code

When You Get In

  • There is a cart/dolly in reception that can be used to help bring gear inside
  • Ask the person at reception if you need further help
  • All non-Salesforce employees MUST sign in at the front desk and get a badge.
  • Pull up this page for the latest information

Need Help?

  • See Paulson at the front desk!


  • SSID: “fragforce”
    • Key: 4thekids!
    • Gaming systems only (ex: consoles, gaming computers)
    • Same network as wired gaming network
  • SSID: “fragforce other”
    • Key: 4thekids!
    • Use for cellphones and non-gaming devices
  • Wired Gaming Network
    • IP Assignment: DHCP
    • IP Network:
    • Gateway:
    • DNS:
    • DHCP Range: to




  • URL: rtmp://stream.fragforce:1935/live
  • Key: Anything you want. We recommend starting with your name or machine's hostname.
  • Hop in #stream on the Discord server and say what your stream key is and what you're playing.