Extra Life Global Game Days

This 48 hour block will be filled with Fragforce events of all shapes and sizes from sites around the country. Come join in for some or all of the fun!


Fragforce Global Game Days

That's right folks, it's that time of year! Starting at 10AM PST Friday and running for 48 hours, Fragforce teams across the US will be having their official local gaming marathons for Extra Life. Come join the folks from San Francisco, Portland, Indy, and Colorado as they all play games #4theKids and try to raise money for Extra Life! Watch some (or heck, even all) of it streamed LIVE on Twitch, or even take the time to Join us as a player!

Remember, all this gaming is for Extra Life! Check out the donate pages for each of the participating sites for more info, or check the donate button above to see how you can help out!

Event Schedule Under Construction