Fragforce Summer 2021 SuperStream: Attack of the Streams!

Come join us on June 25-28 for our next Fragforce fundraising event, the Fragforce Summer 2021 SuperStream: Attack of the Streams! We are supporting Extra Life, a US based charity that supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Child’s Play, an internationally-based charity that supports similar hospitals across the world. Both of these charities help kids get medical treatment and normalcy in their lives even when their families can’t afford it. We’re going to stream live for 72 HOURS NONSTOP at! We’re playing all types of games. Some examples are: Valheim, Overwatch, Retro Games and Jackbox (Family Friendly and After Dark)! Come watch and chat with us, as well as donate to this amazing cause. Or you can go to right now, find your favorite team or team member, and donate right now! Update: This is the official Fragforce June Superstream event! While this event has officially completed, twenty to thirty streamers joined forces to raise money for Extra Life for a 72 hour period. Games included Among Us, Jackbox, Minecraft, Spider-Man, Golf with your Friends, Halo, among many others. It was an amazing time for all and the streaming experience was excellent and smooth. Current amount raised: 5588.29 BEFORE MATCHING! Amazing job everyone!! Our next Event will be coming soon -- sometime in October! Keep an eye out for it!
Volunteer Force (SFDC Internal Only)


Fragforce is going to be streaming live for 72 hours, June 25-28, and we need YOU to come game with us! Of course, we’re doing this to raise money for children’s charities such as Extra-Life and Child’s Play.

If you can stream, come join us!

If you can’t stream and just want to play games with another streaming group, come join us!

No matter where you live in the world, come join us!

Schedules: Friday-Saturday, Saturday-Sunday, Sunday-Monday

Want to help manage the event, sign up here!